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Wet Workshops

Wet Workshops use the underwater world as a learning environment and are available as independent events or as part of wider development programmes for individuals and teams. Their specific benefits come from their abstraction from the corporate culture, the differing human attitudes to water, and the real and immediate consequences of any actions taken. Using water as a learning environment can offer a new and different reality for a lot of people.

Wet Workshops are designed and run by Steve Leaver who is both an experienced leadership coach and a qualified scuba diving instructor. Having introduced hundreds of people to the underwater world, Steve has a very patient and empathetic style which quickly overcomes any initial reticence, allowing the outcomes of the workshop to be fully focused upon. It is important to note that some medical conditions are not compatible with diving, but non-divers can be integrated into sessions when required.
Wet Workshops are all designed with specific outcomes in mind and are run within the capabilities of all participants. The core areas dealt with are trust, commitment, teamwork, belief and overcoming fears; other issues and outcomes are layered on top of these. Typical sessions include:
Team bonding sessions (sharing a common experience) introduce people to scuba diving in a pool – everyone can participate in the experience, and there are many simple games that can be played underwater to build confidence and add to the enjoyment. The emphasis is on fun.
Team building sessions (developing mutual support & trust) are more focused on building the necessary intra-team reliance. These sessions involve activities that require participants to rely on their colleagues for the safe completion of tasks, such as being guided round obstacle courses, lifting objects from the bottom, or completing puzzles. The emphasis here is on being able to achieve as a team.
Focused sessions can be designed to illustrate and enhance the skills required for specific functions or roles, often in their organisational context. The emphasis is therefore on achieving specific outcomes, such as:

Organising an expedition – focuses on leadership and management capabilities as participants plan and execute the ‘expedition’ based on selected scenarios

Getting the right materials – focuses on selling and negotiation capabilities around scarce resources, where participants must understand the benefits of their deals to the whole team and must be aware of what the rest of their team is doing

Finding the right solution – focuses on creativity and innovation and being able to come up with workable, demonstrable solutions to the problems presented

Coaching relies on establishing a strong and trusting relationship between the coach and those being coached. Diving can be used to both accelerate and cement this, especially when those being coached are already divers or are learning to dive. When a coaching relationship is established, diving provides a rich vein of analogy for many of the issues that may be raised during coaching sessions. It is also an excellent ‘off-site’ environment in which coaching sessions can take place.
Typically, Wet Workshops are held in swimming pools, but they can involve real dives if participants are already divers, or if diving qualifications are part of the desired outcome.
As seen, Wet Workshops range from simple team bonding activities, through to full development programmes. They can be single events or extend over longer periods of time.
Existing divers can combine their coaching with a day’s diving or with extending their diving qualifications, whilst non-divers can combine their development with obtaining a diving qualification.
For safety, all Wet Workshops are supported by equipment and expertise from local dive schools and dive professionals.